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The story behind the Marketing Automation Report

Marketing Automation is the key for companies to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Marketing automation studies enable companies to gain a comprehensive insight into the future of marketing strategy.

They not only show current trends and best practices, but also provide the opportunity to understand the impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other new technologies on the automation of marketing processes. This enables companies to align their marketing automation strategies and processes in a visionary way and thus gain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

Connect with us. Our research partner ZHAW with Dr. Darius Zumstein and the publishers Virginie Cantin, Valentin Binnendijk and Marc Gasser with Cotide. Partner are Urs Thüring, CEO Mayoris, and Klaus Völk, CEO webalyse and Daniel Kölle, Alexander Wicki of atedo. und

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Our goal is to shape the future of scientific reporting

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We are constantly on the lookout for new methods and technologies to improve our scientific reports.

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We are aware of our responsibility and are fully committed to achieving our goals.

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We work closely together to achieve the best results and successfully support the SME world.

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We are open to feedback and ideas from our survey participants and are actively committed to improving the way we work.

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As the publisher of the study, I am delighted that we have gained the ZHAW as a scientific partner and Mayoris, webalyse, Survalyzer and atedo as research partners.


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